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About us

Boman Hardware Co.,Ltd is the professional Furniture Hardware manufacture in Guangdong Province.It is the factory engaging in design, manufacture and sales of furniture hardware such as Drawer Slide,Cabinet Support and all kind of furniture hardware etc.

Boman Hardware was established in 2009.Nowadays, it has become a flat in hardware industry after several years of steady development, and its huge potential of growth and enormous vitality are rewarded and respected by many other industries.

We successfully launch various new products to the market; and the products are of good appearance, durable use and stable function. OEM or ODM order is accepted.

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Contact: Calvin

Phone: +86-139 2309 6634

Tel: +86-020-2818 7742

Email: info@bomanhardware.com

Add: No.843,Guangcong Qi Road Baiyun district, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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